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    COD Warzone Mod
    Unlimited 999,999 COD Points!
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    TikTok With Unlimited Features!
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    Get Mihon on iOS/Android!
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    Spoofer Pro
    Pokémon GO Spoofer with Joystick, Teleport and more!
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    Get Tachiyomi on iOS/Android!
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    AmS1gn Lite
    Easy to use on iPhone/iPad!
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    Summertime Saga
    Latest Version for iOS & Android!

¿What is AppBara? is a website that offers a wide range of modded apps and games, particularly focusing on game mods and modded apps for Android and iOS devices.

Including popular games, utilities, and productivity tools, with features like extended Google Play for any OS, unlimited in-game resources like rubies, energy, gold, and more for different games​

¿How does it work?

When you install any app from AppBara, the app will be installed into your device just like a browser extension, through your browser.

This is the best method available right now, since you don't need to download any files and the whole process is automatic, ensuring you will enjoy your modded app on Android and iOS.

¿Mods are Safe?

Yes! Installing any modded game or app from AppBara it's completely safe, as all apps are developed and modded by us, ensuring that all mods will work on all devices with the recent updates.


First, search the app you want to install from our site, and tap one time on it, secondly all you have to do is press on "Start Injection" and just wait. The app will be installed within 1 or 2 minutes.

If you see any captcha requirement, just complete it (takes 1 or 2 minutes) this could happen if our security system detect a device that has never used our website before.

After that, you will see a success page, now it's time to check your device homescreen, where the app/extension will be installed automatically